Bend’s transportation system had been neglected by previous Councils for years. Whether it was basic maintenance or improving connectivity to reduce congestion. Its an asset we can’t afford to neglect.

I have made our transportation system a priority. From making hard decisions to ensure record funding for street maintenance, without creating a new tax, to prioritizing construction dollars to make critical east-west connections to relieve congestion.

Our transportation system is a key tool to help address our affordable housing problem. Due to years of little investment to address deficits in the system, the burden to make improvements shifted to builders, resulting in higher housing costs or housing never being built.

By making strategic investments I have led the City in the effort to start to take the burden off of builders to address chronic issues in the system.

Those investments include:

  • Empire Corridor: Connect Empire to Butler Market/27th St, modernize existing roadway, widen Purcell canal bridge, & improve Butler Market/Purcell intersection.
  • Murphy Corridor: Connect Murphy from Brosterhous to 15th St, railroad over-crossing bridge, 15th St roundabout, Country Club roundabout, & modernize existing Murphy Rd.
  • N Highway 97 Realignment: Successfully lobbied the federal government for $60.4 million to realign Hwy 97 between Empire and Cooley.
  • Neff/Purcell Intersection: Modernize traffic signal & improve intersection capacity for all users. Allows for additional housing in area.
  • Butler Market/Wells Acres Intersection: Install roundabout to improve safety & traffic flow.
  • Chase Rd Connection: Connect Chase Rd with Brosterhous Rd to provide a critical east-west connection in SE Bend. Includes roundabout at intersection.
  • Columbia Intersections at Simpson & Colorado: Install roundabouts at both intersections to improve safety & traffic flow. Allows for additional housing in area.