Maintaining adequate infrastructure is critical for addressing Bend’s affordability, including housing affordability.

One of the largest costs of building housing is off-site infrastructure. If the City of Bend doesn’t maintain adequate infrastructure, this puts a burden on housing to pay for that infrastructure as part of their development. Forcing these costs onto housing either raises the cost of housing or kills projects all together. Both scenarios result in higher cost in the city as a whole.


Thankfully, past Councils have invested in our water infrastructure. We continue to invest in upgrading aging parts of the system when there are synergy projects to make efficient use of rate payer dollars.


Sewer infrastructure has been lacking for years. During my time on Council I have overseen the completion of the Southeast Interceptor, North Interceptor, Septic to Sewer Conversion Program, & was a key part of the negotiating team that brought an end to a prolonged legal battle that resulted in the completion of the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

These accomplishments have & will continue to result in unlocking of developable lands for housing & jobs! We must continue to invest in sewer infrastructure to make sure we don’t get behind again.

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